The Android swissknife

This is a comprehensive list of applications and websites that will make your life much easier when developing Android apps, or at least, my life will be much harder without them. I call it the Android swissknife.

Flat UI Colors: A list of flat colors to use in our apps. Select the format, click the color, and it will be copied to your clipboard.

Android cheat-sheet for Graphic Designers: A big cheatsheet about UI and design related concepts for Android apps. For those like me, who can’t remember the specific size of each icon on each density.

Android Holo Colors: Select the colors, version, controls, and hop! you have a zip file with all the needed drawables and the theme.

Android Asset Studio: Amazing set of assets generators for Android

Parcelabler: Making objects parcellable is boring as hell. With this page, just paste your class code and it will generated a “parcelled” version. Easy peasy.

Android Layout Finder: One of my favorites. Just paste a layout, select the widgets and views and it will automatically generate a findViews method, or an Adapter (even with a ViewHolder). Thanks @EsteveAguilera for sharing it.

Android Layout/Style XML Converter: From layout to style and back.

Jsonschema2Pojo: this is a great one. It generates a pojo from a Json file. You can choose if you want to use Gson or Jackson annotations (and your’ll learn a lot seeing how it does some things).

Roman Nurik’s View Server: This library allows us to use the Hierarchy Viewer from a device apk even if the device is not rooted.

Am I missing something? share in the comments and I’ll update the list.

Update – July 24th

Some other niceties:

DPI calculator for Android: quick DPIs conversion tool. Also available as a Chrome extension.

Gradle, please: a gradle-format dependencies search tool. Useful for the usual suspects.

Android drawable generator: this web generates all the xml stuff for buttons with a lot of settings to play with. It’s a pitty it doesn’t make multiple states.

APK Downloader: this one is supposed to let you download apps from Google Play that are not allowed in your country, but I never managed to make it work as they had a lot of limitations on daily downloads. According to their latest comments, now it works much better, I didn’t tested it lately.

Android Design Tips: another design cheatsheet with a dpi conversion tool

The Android Arsenal: a library and views repository classified by categories.

WSDL2Code: in the last times I had to consume data from SOAP web services. This website will generate pure Android code to access these services from the WSDL specification.Generate, paste and use

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