It’s the arts! The Workshop

It’s the arts! The Workshop

Last week I had the pleasure to make a 4 hours workshop titled “It’s the Arts! Playing around with the Android Canvas” organized by GDG Barcelona.

The workshop was based on 3 topics, each one with an introduction to explain concepts and related classes and methods plus a set of exercises to test and practice the topic.

After the workshop we enjoyed a nice BBQ with all assistants!

The event was performed at La Fábrica,  a new space to share and hack in Barcelona (Sagrera).

You can find the slides on Slideshare and the exercises on Github.

You can also find pictures of the event in the G+ event page.

As usual, a lot of topics were left out of the workshop, as Android canvas is a huge graphics framework, but I’m happy I was able to introduce a lot of concepts, some of them really hard if you have never worked with graphics before. I think that making exercises as a progressive git project will help people to review these exercises later on at their own pace.

As this workshop required a lot of preparation (170 slides!), I will probably repeat it in the future, so stay alert!

Thanks again to the people from GDG and La Fábrica, and of course, to all the people who assisted to the workshop!

See you in the next event!


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